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Stormwater Installation

Looking for a stormwater drainage solution for your residential or commercial property? We are your professional plumbing service, specialising in the installation and maintenance of water detention systems and drains

Repairs & Replacements

Our team of dedicated professionals are experienced, qualified and licenced and are willing to help you every step of the way. Whether for home or business, we can provide a competitively priced high-quality service. We can repair and replace any type of drainage system you may have.

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If you are considering an installation for your property, we invite you to contact us for a no-obligation free quote and consultation regarding the salient features at your place.

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Installation Of Storm Drains 

We custom design and install drainage systems for residential and commercial homes and business in the city, and believe that we are your one stop solution. Our fully trained and qualified drainage plumbers are expert specialists in this field.

We can redesign systems to suit client specifications and install drains, tanks, and pumping stations where required. Whether above or below ground, we can design a system to suit your property’s specifications and requirements.

Getting it right at the outset can save you a lot of money and heartbreak down the track.

Our drainage designers invest their knowledge and attention to detail to ensure that we get it right on your behalf. We consult with the client to ascertain all the essential data relevant to the property. We check and recheck with all relevant authorities and government agencies before putting spade to ground

Repairs & Maintenance

If your current OSD system is failing you or there are problems with its functioning, we can help. We offer affordable repairs and maintenance for existing systems.

We can repair pipes, pumps and pits fast. Heavy flowing water can quickly damage properties, so it pays to do something about problems before things get much worse. The power of water, as an element, and the extremes of weather, here in Australia, can rapidly result in serious erosion and structural damage. We can save your garden, paving and home from the effects of serious runoff. Our expert drainers and plumbers are ready to come to your aid.

Stormwater Solutions

Urban developments require solutions to water runoff from structures, paving and pathways because they prevent rain naturally soaking into the ground.

The rooves over our heads have consequences for our environments. During inclement weather you can, often, see water flowing from property drains into the street gutters.

These, then, may connect into larger channels, pipeways and creeks, which are all part of the trunk drainage system. Understanding the plumbing of our cities and communities can help us understand how interconnected we all are.

As property owners we have responsibilities to our neighbours and the eco system around us. A fully functioning OSD system is vital for the health of your property, street and environment.

Drainage Matters

A large part of designing and installing your OSD system is about getting the levels and slopes on your property correctly assessed. The drainage needs to flow down to the street and pipes are laid in gradients to reflect that requirement. Digging equipment and machinery are, often, employed to install these pipes and pits correctly.

Gravity is the presiding law when it comes to drainage and our expert drainers work with this overriding principle to ensure the effectiveness of your OSD system. Sometimes, of course, properties do not subscribe to the most amenable form, when it comes to meeting these levels. Your home or business may require a water pump or sump pump, which will be involved in pumping the water up to the street level. The cost of your OSD system in these instances will reflect these added elements to making your drainage effective.

Contractors & Pricing

As experienced and licenced contractors, we tick all the boxes, when it comes to professional installations and repairs of water drainage systems. Our pricing is competitive, and we offer no-obligation quotes on all the work that we do. Get a free quote from us and see how we fare in comparison. We, also, provide exceptional customer service from start to finish. We do a great job and we want your business going forward. We are a part of this great community and our values reflect that awareness. Contact us now to make an appointment or to find out more.

Do You Need an On-Site Stormwater Detention System (OSD)?

All developments in Newcastle require a stormwater management plan. Large scale developments require water cycle management plans and soil and water management plans. These are required by the council and they set out the collection protocols in place. The Australian Standard 3500.3 defines the appropriate standards for the collection of water runoff.

Drainage pits need to be installed at low points to remove nuisance water. Gutters, downpipes and pits must be connected to the onsite water management system. OSDs are designed to control runoff from structures to minimise soil erosion and sedimentation. Councils are concerned about pollutants entering the waterways and damage to adjoining properties. Coastal wetlands are in danger from the effects of excessive runoff in the region of. We all live in a shared eco system and environment and our properties must reflect an awareness of this

Why Do You Get Blocked Drains?

Your drains can become blocked via excessive fallen foliage matter, especially following storms and high winds. Tree roots can be another culprit in this, causing pipes to crack and malfunction. If your storm pipes become blocked, for whatever reason, it is imperative that you act fast to remedy this situation. Our services can be called upon in these cases to fix the problem. Not doing anything about blocked drains will have serious consequences, not only for your property, but your neighbours and your community at large.


All stormwater drains, ultimately, connect up with your local waterway or wetlands. This means that whatever runoff comes from your place, with things like detergents used in washing cars and garden fertilisers, can and, usually, do end up in our waterways.

These chemicals promote excessive algae growth and, therefore, choke creeks and kill fish. A helpful tip is to wash your vehicle on the lawn, rather than in your driveway. A well designed and installed OSD system will reduce these harmful effects upon the environment. Contact us to find out more.

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“Really great company, we have our new home on the outskirts of Newcastle installed with a new drainage system, they were very professional and very affordable”

Tom Johnston

“Fantastic service and great rates, I would highly recommend these guys if you need a storm drainage system installed at your home”

Susan Nicolson